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5 Homemade Chicken-Soup Recipes

5 Homemade Chicken-Soup Recipes

From restorative chicken noodle to spicy Filipino-style, here are five chicken-soup recipes to help cure whatever ails you.
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2013-01-18 10:57
2012-03-20 12:13

Homemade chicken soup recipes

Whether you have whole chickens to stew or just want to jazz up your carton of broth, here are 5 unique chicken soup recipes that are easy to make.

Slow Cooker Rich Chicken Noodle Soup
Once you throw your whole chicken and veggies in the pot, your slow cooker does all the work. This will leave you with a rich, healthy chicken broth which you can freeze and save for later, or finish off with added chicken chunks and egg noodles. 

You'll feel like a spring chicken after sipping this restorative soup, made from poaching two whole chickens you can set aside and roast for dinner. Add some sliced lasagna noodles, green peas, a shake of Parmesan and you're done. 

This recipe starts with pre-made stock and throws in a couple of chicken legs for flavour. The best part is making tasty dumplings out of leftover bread. 

The stars of this chicken soup are emerald green spinach dumplings, enriching this soup with a ton of folate and vitamin A. Just whirr the dumpling ingredients in your food processor, form by tablespoonfuls and drop into your favourite chicken soup or broth.

Packed with ginger slices, garlic, whole cloves and hot peppers, this tasty and easy soup will help cure whatever ails you. It's a complete meal with sweet potatoes, rice and bok choy.