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Low-Fat Comfort Foods for Dark Winter Nights

Low-Fat Comfort Foods for Dark Winter Nights

You won't believe all these warm, saucy, flavourful recipes are low in fat. But do you need to? No. Just wrap yourself in a Snuggie and enjoy.
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2014-01-07 10:25
2013-01-16 11:36

Low-Fat Comfort Foods for Dark Winter Nights

Below are nine satisfying comfort foods that will get you through the darkest winter months, and they all have our Fresh Juice low-fat seal of approval. What makes a recipe low fat? We say it must have 3 g of total fat or less per serving.


Red and Green Roll-Ups
This exotic take on the traditional cabbage roll gets its rustic smoky taste from freekeh (or firik) wheat, a staple in the Middle East, used in the filling. Make in advance of your most frantic weeks -- this dish freezes well.


Caramel Apple Parsnip Mash
Who doesn't love warm creamy vegetables during the holidays? Our alternative mash will satisfy your craving while freshening up your palate.


Chinese Corn Soup
Chinese corn soup is often made with canned creamed corn; use a cured (not smoked) or very lightly smoked ham.


Stir-Fried Chicken with Broccoli and Mushrooms
Stir-fries are a super way to meet a number of nutritional recommendations. Use sodium-reduced soy sauce and homemade or sodium-reduced stock to slash the sodium count.

Veggie Lover's Skillet Chili (pictured above)
Even dedicated meat lovers will dig into this hearty chili. Sweet potato is a potent superfood, packing the same amount of disease-fighting beta-carotene as carrots, plus vitamin C and potassium.


Maple Ginger Squash Tower
We used dark-green acorn and pale-yellow butternut squashes to add graphic interest to an otherwise-simple dish.


Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Stuffing large portobello mushrooms and cutting them into wedges is a tasty and convenient take on traditional Italian-style stuffed mushroom caps.

Savoury Baked Apples
Make these attractive baked apples as an accompaniment to turkey, or anytime as a sweet-and-savoury side for roast pork, goose or duck.

Millet Oatmeal Cookies
Sweet snacks can be nutritious, too. The crunch of millet gives these whole grain cookies extra interest.


Photography, Mark Schultz (Veggie Lover's Skillet Chili).