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5 Superfoods That Help You Slim Down

With so many fresh foods available, summer makes eating well effortless. These tasty superfoods can even help boost metabolism, detoxify and minimize cravings, just in time for swimsuit season.
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Beat bloating with watermelons

Beat bloating with watermelons

This low-cal fruit is not only loaded with the antioxidant lycopene but it might also relieve water retention. "Watermelon acts as a mild diuretic," says Jennifer Hill, a Vancouver-based registered dietitian. "So if you ate a high-salt meal and you're bloated, watermelon may help you pass the excess fluid."

Cool fresh watermelon is an ideal snack on its own, or try it in a salad with mint and goat cheese. You can even grill it on the barbecue for a healthy dessert.


Fresh Juice: June/July 2012