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10 Low-Calorie Recipes for the Winter Pantry

10 Low-Calorie Recipes for the Winter Pantry

Does winter put a hex on your healthy-eating goals? Release yourself from its snowy spell with these 10 satisfying recipes that maximize winter's bounty -- root veggies, greenhouse goodies and frozen produce -- all under 350 calories per serving.
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2014-01-06 10:00
2013-01-16 14:11

10 Low-Calorie Recipes for the Winter Pantry

Sneaky calories are no laughing matter, so we're serious about which recipes get our low-calorie recipe icon. Here's our criteria:

Entrée: 350 calories or less per serving
Side/salad/dessert: 200 calories or less per serving

Cookie: 100 calories or less per serving

Appetizer: 70 calories or less per serving

Condiment: 50 calories or less per tablespoon

Garlic Caramel Chicken (pictured above)
A caramel sauce coats sautéed chunks of boneless chicken in this unique sweet-and-savoury Chinese-style dish. Serve with rice to enjoy with the extra sauce.

Indian-Style Sautéed Peas
Common frozen peas are given exciting flavour with this Indian-style preparation. For the most flavour, use a combination of coriander and mint.

Red and White Veggie Roast
In this fusion recipe, the cauliflower and potatoes are roasted western-style and topped with a typically Indonesian sauce. It's delicious served with rice, an Indonesian vegetable salad or, simply, sliced cucumbers.

Chinese Vegetarian Gongbao
Gongbao (or kung pao) is a Szechuan cooking style that -- with added peanuts -- is now popular in Beijing. Make sure your dried hot peppers are whole or the seeds will make the stir-fry too hot. Serve with rice.

Gluten-Free Pasta with Rapini
Since frozen veggies are preserved at their peak of ripeness, they may deliver more nutrients to your meal than those shipped fresh. Experiment with either brown rice or corn-based gluten-free pasta.

Breaded Cauliflower Cutlets
Treat these cutlets as if they were veal or pork schnitzel and serve with lemon wedges, top with any of the suggested toppings or let your imagination take flight.

Spanish Tortilla
In Spain, the word tortilla describes a flat, cake-shaped and usually savoury food. Tortilla española is a fried potato-and-egg cake and is made throughout the country.

Chinese Crispy-Fried Beef with Peppers
For this crowd-pleasing dish, use thin-skinned and contrasting coloured peppers -- pair red hot peppers with light green Cubanelles or green hot peppers with red shepherd peppers.

Scalloped Celery Root
Celery root (celeriac) has a subtle flavour that's shown off dramatically in this side dish. It's perfect to go with roast meats or poultry and can replace potatoes at the dinner table.

Healthy Crunch Chocolate
Look for puffed whole grain rice in the health food section of your grocery store. Natural almonds are unblanched and still in their skins.


Photography, Mark Schultz (Garlic Caramel Chicken).