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Behind the Label: Kozlik's Canadian Mustard

Behind the Label: Kozlik's Canadian Mustard

Rediscover a classic condiment in sweet, spicy and savoury new ways.
Nastasha Alli
2013-02-13 15:33
2013-02-15 15:46

Behind the Label: Kozlik's Canadian Mustard

The next time you load up your burger, be proud to know that Canada is a world leader in mustard exports and that Saskatchewan produces about 75 percent of the country's mustard crop. Not only do we make a lot of it but we make it well. We've got plenty to enjoy beyond yellow and Dijon -- enough to earn Kozlik's Canadian Mustard Triple Crunch a spot on Saveur magazine's list of top food trends for 2011.

Anton Kozlik began making mustard in 1948, selling it from a stall at Toronto's St. Lawrence Market (the stall's still there). Today, Kozlik's mustards are crafted by owner Jeremy Kessler and his son, Noah, who have taken it to the next level by infusing "generation-old secret recipes with creativity, heat and flavour," says Jeremy. The unique flavours include Balsamic Fig & Date, Grainy Creole, Sweet & Smokey and the popular Triple Crunch.

Kozlik's mustards start with non-GMO mustard seeds grown in the Prairies and are prepared with all-natural ingredients sourced from Canadian producers. Of the company's 38 varieties, none contain preservatives or additives and all but two are gluten-free. "It's a treat you can use all the time," says Maayan Kessler, the company's director of operations and Jeremy's daughter. "Mustard adds so much flavour to everything!"

Find Kozlik's in most major grocery stores, at specialty food stores and at for less than $10 per 250 mL jar.

Photography, Ryan Brook.


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