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Behind the Label: Iögo Yogurt

Behind the Label: Iögo Yogurt

Check out Iögo, a new line of yogurts made from the milk of Canadian cows owned by independent farmers. Look for it in the dairy aisle now.
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2012-11-21 09:59
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Behind the Label: Iögo Yogurt

Since opening its doors in Granby, Que., in 1971, dairy manufacturer Ultima Foods has kept a keen eye on Canada's growing appetite for cultured dairy, which has surged by 60 percent in the past decade. In fact, today's average yogurt lover gobbles up 8.7 kilograms of it each year!

Why do we love yogurt so much these days? Ultima Foods attributes the growing national fascination with healthy foods as one reason -- and its innovative recipes as another; it was Ultima that introduced consumer-friendly kinds such as those with 40 percent more fruit and three times the calcium to Canada. The company was also the first to add vitamin D to yogurt for our national market.

After years of making yogurt under the Yoplait brand, Ultima decided to launch its own. "Canadian consumers are looking for authentic flavours and natural ingredients, so we've come up with a new yogurt free of gelatin, colours and artificial flavours," says Diane Jubinville, the director of consumer and public relations at Ultima Foods.

Why "iögo"? Jubinville says the three consecutive dots graphically represent a dynamic and innovative brand, symbolic of Ultima Foods' identity. "Iögo is a small word with tremendous visual impact and is instantly recognizable," she says.

Along with classics, Iögo offers a range of flavours (think Key Lime Pie and Fig-Date) and eight different styles, including lactose-free, Greek and the kid-friendly tubular version called Zip. You'll find Iögo in major grocery stores across Canada.


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