What lurks in soup stock

My favourite things to cook in the fall and winter are healthy soups and stews. So warm and comforting! The first thing that goes into every pot is good stock. I usually use homemade, because lots of canned and boxed broths contain gluten. 

In some prepared stocks, gluten lurks in dehydrated soy sauce, yeast extracts or flavours. (These ingredients can be made with wheat or barley.) To ensure stock is safe, buy brands labeled gluten-free, such as Imagine Organic Low Sodium Vegetable Broth and Campbell’s Stock First Beef Stock.

Or make it yourself. I wing my stocks, simmering (for a few hours) chicken or turkey bones and meat with whatever aromatic herbs and veggies I have in the kitchen. If you’re not an experimenter and prefer  step-by-step direction, click here.

Stock-buyers: What’s your favourite brand? Stock-makers: Do you have a secret ingredient or great recipe to share?

Photography, istockphoto.com

  • Dpwater

    I totally go for the homemade when I can. That way I can control the salt content as well.