Burger Bun Review: Aidan’s Gluten Free Buns

Since regular burger and hotdog buns are made with wheat, they’re off our GF menus. That doesn’t mean your grilled vittles have to go bare – simply wrap them up in A-OK bread. To find out which buns are worthy of being at barbecues — some GF breads are downright icky — I’ve put some to the test. The first ones I tried were Aidan’s Gluten Free Buns. Here’s my scoop:

White and fluffy, they look like Kaiser rolls (their primary ingredients are potato starch, rice flour and tapioca flour).  I didn’t like them straight out of the package – they tasted stale and a bit like sawdust. Yuck! Toasting, however,  made them so much better. When they’re crunchy and warm, they’re almost like regular buns that have been on the grill. Quite satisfying!

Tasty when toasted, I’d serve them at a BBQ. You might like them, too. There will be another GF bun review next Thursday – stay tuned!

Photography, Aileen Brabazon