Raw Cacao Nibs are the Real Deal

Product: Mum’s Original Cacao Nibs

Mum’s Original has an array of raw cocoa products including Mum’s Original Cacao Nibs.

The good: You’d have to have been stranded on a deserted island for the past 10 years to not know that chocolate can be heart healthy. Dark chocolate, and specifically the cocoa beans it’s made from, makes the difference between a chocolate that can contribute to reducing your blood pressure and one that doesn’t. Enter the world of cocoa nibs or, as some companies are calling them, cacao nibs (you say potato and I say patatoe).

Raw cacao nibs are the real health deal. Unprocessed, they contain all of the antioxidants that can contribute to heart-health.

The not-so-good: They aren’t sweet; they’re raw, crunchy and slightly bitter. If you think you’re going to be getting a sweet treat, you’re in for a huge shock.

What you can eat it with: I eat 1-2 tbsp (15-30 mL) of cocoa nibs every day. Based on research raw cocoa nibs can contribute to lowering your blood pressure within the context of a healthy lifestyle. I sprinkle them over my bowl of cereal; add them to yogurt or have them in a trail mix.

Bottomline: Raw cocoa nibs are heart healthy. In Canada we seem to think that if one is good for us then twenty must be fabulous. Please do not go overboard sprinkling cocoa/cacao nibs with abandon; if you are on blood-pressure reducing meds, check with your doctor first.

Photography, Mairlyn Smith.