Raw Cacao Power (In a Powder)

Product: Giddy YoYo Raw Cacao Powder

Giddy YoYo, a Canadian company, has a unique cacao/cocoa line, they only use wild Ecuadorian heirloom cacao trees to produce their raw cacao/cocoa powder.

The good: Aside from their passionate beliefs about the welfare of the cacao industry, Giddy YoYo only uses fully mature cacao pods from cacao trees that are growing in remote parts of Ecuador forests and are harvested by Ecuadorian farmers.

Bring on the heart health: flavanols are responsible for making your blood less sticky which in turn can lower your blood pressure. To reap these heart healthy benefits from cacao/cocoa powder the product cannot be alkalized (sometimes called Dutched). Giddy YoYo’s cacao/cocoa powder is unprocessed, making it one of only a small handful of unprocessed or raw cocoa powders available in Canada.  

The not-so-good: It is pricier than other cacao/cocoa powders and can only be found in larger Health Foods Stores, but the good news is it can be ordered online with the click of your mouse on their website.  

What you can eat it with: Use it in baking, smoothies, or in hot cocoa.

Bottomline: Because it is unprocessed cacao/cocoa powder it has much higher heart health benefits than cacao/cocoa powders that have been alkalized, factor in their ethical practices and we have a Canadian super star company with an outstanding product line.


Photography, Mairlyn Smith.

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