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5 Sneaky Sources of Gluten

Whether you've recently gone gluten-free or are a veteran of the ways of gluten-free eating, you won't believe some of these hidden sources of gluten. Read on to discover what to avoid (hint: some potato chips!).

Aileen Brabazon
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Avoiding gluten can be a tricky game of hide-and-seek for those with celiac disease or people who are gluten-sensitive. Sometimes, it's easy to know where this protein will be; in grains, it naturally occurs in wheat, barley, rye, Kamut, bulgur, triticale and spelt, and the pastas, crackers and flours made from them. But gluten also hides in a lot of processed foods, so you have to scour ingredient labels to ensure that it's not lurking in what you buy. Health Canada has now put the onus on labellers to make it clearer, but sometimes, you have to read carefully. Find out more about the new labelling law here. Here are a few places to look:

Flavoured potato chips

Flavoured potato chips

Plain potato chips are pretty safe, as they only contain potatoes, salt and oil. but flavoured types can be troublesome. It takes several additives to give chips a taste boost, and sometimes, one or more of the ingredients may contain gluten. For example, some brands put malted barley flour into barbecue chips and malt vinegar (made from barley) into salt and vinegar chips.