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Dance for Wellness

Dance for Wellness

Get on the dance floor and release tension as you work up a sweat.
Michele Drake
2013-07-17 16:12
2012-03-20 00:00

Dance for wellness

There is a way to keep fit, feel great and strengthen cardiovascular endurance. It can cost nothing, but an imagination and a good sense of play can increase the fun factor. Dancing is a fantastic way to burn calories and release tension. Boogie alone or share the floor with many; whatever your preference, dance is a guaranteed mind release, a great way to express yourself, and it offers a fabulous workout.

The following are great ways to enjoy the benefits of dance.

Plan a night out
Call some friends, book a night out, head to a dance floor and let loose. Drink water in fancy glasses with lemon and have fun. Make friends with the deejay and hopefully you won't leave the dance floor all night.

Bring on the house music
Just like when you were a child and your parents went away, draw the curtains, turn up the music and let your body move you. This can be a great release and a wonderful way to connect with children that may still be at home. Sure, they may think you have gone crazy, but it won't take long for them to join the fun. Wear your heart-rate monitor and see how long you can keep up that cardio workout.

Expand your video collection
There is wide variety of fun, inventive or conventional dance videos on the market. Many online stores let you see a video clip so you can decide if you enjoy the style. Videos can help you learn new moves and can keep you into a structure of warmup, cardio and cooldown.

Join an adult dance class
Many reputable dance companies are opening their programs to inexperienced adults. These classes can be exhilarating and fun for all involved. You can choose from jazz, modern, ballet and more. It offers a chance to be among potential friends, and gain a mind-and-body release.

Try collective movement
A new trend has surfaced in the Toronto area. Collective movement was introduced by psychotherapists for an outlet for the brain -- a release of inner tension and a chance to tune into your real passions and needs. Groups are getting together -- not to chat and judge, but to purely dance and let go. There is no talking permitted in some of the sessions. You go, you dance, you experience, and you leave.

Dance just for you, and let the health benefits enhance the fun you are having. Let go of your inhibitions, have a blast, shape your body and have yourself a carefree day.