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10 Healthy Reasons to Take up Yoga

There are more benefits to practicing yoga than toned abs -- those are just a bonus! Here are 10 reasons to say "om."
Kate Blair
There's no question that all things yoga are a huge trend (if you can call a practice that's 5,000 years old a trend). But yoga is more than just fancy workout wear -- more, even, than just a workout. It's a great way to boost your mental and physical health along many fronts. Here are 10 reasons to go to the (yoga) mat.
8. Happier mood, less anxiety

8. Happier mood, less anxiety

The ability of exercise to relieve depression and boost happiness has been well documented. But recent research suggests that yoga is even better able to improve mood than walking or other types of exercise. Researchers believe this effect might be due to yoga's stimulation of specific areas and chemicals in the brain.